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GHE BioRoots 60ml

60 ml rod stimulator fra GHE

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Product Description

GHE BioRoots 60ml
Bio Roots is a root stimulator

- Activates the development of micro organisms in the root zone
- Ensures the development of healthy roots
- Improves organic life of roots and hardens root tips
- Promotes vigorous root growth and improves the plant's ability to adapt to its environment 
- Improves resistance to disease and moulds (powdery mildew, damping-off etc.)
- Suitable for all media types: hydroponic, substrate and soil 

- Mix 2 ml with 10 litres of water
(approx. 2 drops per litre)

Bio Roots is comprised of natural amino acids, derived from plant and fruit extracts, and essential oils. It is made from pure and natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical or synthetic additives.

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