GHE FloraGro 0,5 til 5L

GHE FloraGro  kan benyttese til jord, kokos og hydro

FloraGro  er 1 ud af serien på 3 (Gro-Bloom-Micro)

vælg størelse herunder, prisen skifter.

Med Flora serien kan du sikre dig den rette 

balance i plantens behov under vækst og blomstring.

Læs alt om flora serien  på GHE hjemmeside.

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59,00 kr

Yderligere information


The concept of a 3 parts nutrient, and Flora-series, were created for General Hydroponics by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly senior chemist at NASA, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Davis in California. Dr. Herrmann is, today, a partner at GHE and still conducts research. 

Flora is a dynamic, evolving formula, constantly updated, and adapted to the latest scientific discoveries. Simply, it allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stages by changing the ratios between the liquids, as well as their concentration. 

For all growing methods: hydroponics, soil less and soil 

Flora-series consists in 3 components: 
FloraGro promotes a lush structural and foliar growth. 

Of special importance for water culture growers, FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silicate (in form of silicic acid) to complete the diet and strengthen the structure of your plants. 

Together with FloraBloom and FloraMicro these three products have a synergistic effect together, this explains the magical effect of the system.

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